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Red Ribbon Models are POSITIVE RUNWAY’s signature models who walk the runway for a cause.  Red Ribbon Models tour the world working with celebrities from Fashion, Music, Film, Television, Sport and other Arts as effective advocates in the fight against the spread of HIV/AIDS and other scourges affecting today’s young generation.


ATLANTA, America’s Next Top Model, Alasia Ballard with other Red Ribbon Models strut their stuff at the Atlanta Black Entertainment, Film, Fashion, Television & Arts Awards (BEFFTA Awards USA) in Atlanta, GA:

LONDON Red Ribbon Models Strutt their stuff at the launch of POSITIVE RUNWAY: Global Catwalk to Stop the Spread during the Channel ‘O’ Stop the Spread UK Road Show at the Troxy, London, United Kingdom:

LONDON Red Ribbon Models at the London Black Entertainment, Film Fashion, Television and Arts Awards (BEFFTA Awards UK) :


Globe catwalk TV/Radio

Global Catwalk TV incorporates a Stop the Spread TV show (a combination of Music Television and Fashion Television). Read More


Globe Catwalk Magazine

Global Catwalk Magazine is published online as well as in hardcopy.. Read More


Globe Catwalk Social Network

Meet and socialize with other HIV/AIDS advocates & activist as well as Global Catwalk family enthusiasts. Read more



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